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Welcome to De Good Shephard Senior Living

When a resident’s original house is no longer an option for receiving care, De Good Shephard Senior Living is the place to go. At our assisted living facilities, we have developed a variety of programs to keep our residents active, healthy, and independent. We listen to their needs and do everything we can to accommodate them. We are the company to contact when our residents need a home away from home. We can not wait to serve them with our vibrant community!

Resort-Style Living

An excellent way to give custom-built service to our residents.

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24/7 Support Staff

We offer our residents with quality care around the clock for their safety.

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Medical Transportation

We provide transportation to help our residents meet their medical needs.

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View More Services

Discover the various services we offer to meet the demands of our residents.

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We Are Committed Mission Statement

Our purpose is to create a caring and supportive home atmosphere for our residents, serving their needs and keeping them secure and comfortable in all areas of our assisted living facility. All of this is made possible by our qualified, empathetic, and devoted professionals who endeavor to satisfy the needs of our residents.

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If you have any questions about our services, you may send us a message here.

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Eligibility for Senior Care

You may find out if your loved one is eligible for our services by contacting us today!

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Our Assisted Living Staff

Learn about our professionals who will assist our residents in living comfortably with us.

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Submit Your Referrals

Your referrals from friends or family would be really helpful. You may send us your referrals today!

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